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Power Saver is our initiative designed to help you save money on your energy consuption and help you to be more energy efficient.

The cost of electricity just keeps rising coupled with that our homes have an ever increasing demand for electricity with big TV screens, heat pumps, computers, lighting and entertainment systems gobbling up power and your hard earned money!

You can start reducing your bills today! You can still have the same enjoyment and comfort from your home but you can also have a little more cash in your back pocket every month with some helpful tips from Vital Sparx or from our range of smart PowerSaver gadgets!

The Main Offenders

Your electric water heater

Water heating is one of the main culprits for stealing money from your back pocket every month when your power bill comes in. It typically makes up around 40% of household energy use. This means it's a prime target for savings.

The Fridge

Older fridges and freezers use up to about 40% more energy than new ones, while deterioration of the older equipment can make the matter worse.

Stand by

A surprisingly large number of electrical products—TVs to microwave ovens to air conditioners—cannot be switched off completely without being unplugged. These products draw power 24 hours a day, often without the knowledge of the consumer. We call this power consumption "standby power."


While lighting in the home is essential at night to see

(Lighting typically accounts for around 10 to 15% of electrcity use), the way in which we use them can waste power. For example often lights are accidently left switched on or have old incandescent bulbs which are more costly to run than modern energy efficient lamps. Recessed Down lights are a common source of lighting in modern homes. While they can be stylish and discreate can have a double impact on energy waste! For example the wrong choice, placement, switching or bulb selection in recessed light fittings all have an impact on your power bill. The other factor in energy waste with recessed lighting is ofetn they allow they allow heat to escape through the ceiling, so this can cause hire heating bills.